Install Landscape Lighting That Lasts 

Highlight the hardscapes and plants around your home with professionally installed exterior lighting installations from Bromfield Design Group in Denver, CO. From simple walkway lighting to spotlights and decorative string lights, we’ll help you pick the perfect option for your home. Our designers will help you envision exactly what you want your property to look like after dark and work within your budget to create exactly what you want. With proper lighting, your home will stand out from the rest, and walking around in the evenings will be easier without having to worry about tripping in the dark. 

Trusted Landscape Lighting Contractor in Denver, CO

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When you work with Bromfield Design Group, you’ll always receive industry-leading products that are built to last. From garden lamps to floodlights, every product we use has been tested through the years in our various landscaping products and will keep your home illuminated for years to come. We’re constantly incorporating new energy-efficient products that will ensure your lighting is environmentally friendly and will keep your property safe. With over 60 years of experience, our outdoor lighting contractor is the one to call for your next project. 

  • Add exterior lighting installed by the area’s most experienced contractor to your home to improve its appearance after dark. Whether you want to highlight the trees in your front yard or add decorative garden lighting around your patio, we’ll help you pick and install the perfect lights for your home.

  • Make navigating your walkways and deck after dark easier by calling Denver’s top landscape lighting contractor. We’ll assess the property and help you find the perfect lighting solution that fits both your needs and your budget. 

  • Get an estimate on any exterior lighting installation by scheduling a consultation today. Whether you want to upgrade your floodlights or illuminate the front of your home, we’ll provide you with a clear, detailed estimate of everything involved in the installation.

  • Install products that last with the help of Bromfield Design Group. We offer a wide range of durable, energy-efficient lighting options in all shapes and sizes and will provide you with professional installation and maintenance services from start to finish.  

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Contact our team today for an estimate on any exterior lighting service by calling us now!

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